High-Functioning Anxiety: Slipping Under the “Anxiety Radar”, Perfectionism

In my previous entry I wrote about anxiety–pros and cons, types and goal-setting for symptom management. I currently have therapy clients, family members and friends who are in the midst of “seasons of transition” (moving, pregnancy, beginning a new job, starting college, etc), and ANXIETY is a hot topic as a result.

Below is the link to an article from The Mighty, a resource outlining everyday struggles and triumphs of people living with disability, mental illness and/or chronic illness. The article features High Functioning Anxiety–a subcategory of anxiety.

Compared to other types, high-functioning anxiety (HFA, for the sake of my slow typing) is a different ballgame: often it’s undetected by parents, teachers and peers as the individual can be high-achieving, academically successful, have above-average social skills and maintain consistent employment.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients I would place into this category–I love working with HFA clients to learn how unique perspectives in achievement and life add to the person’s present level of functioning. HFA individuals are generally highly invested clients on my caseload and very motivated to work during time dedicated to therapy.

Check the article out for yourself:


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