Opportunity: The Bridge

I love the concept of bridges. Bridges are designed to bear great weight, weather conditions, and can span great distances between one piece of land to the next.

Bridges can pose a great threat as an imposing structure; however, they can also serve as a powerful symbol of connection, transition, and growth. 

A person overwhelmed with his or her circumstances may view a bridge as an obstacle rather than an opportunity. As a professional counselor, my role is to help clients to view their circumstances in a different light over time–to accept and commit to the idea that throughout life we make a series of decisions about who or where we want to be.

If crossing a bridge is intimidating and full of “unknowns”, I would love to begin a counseling journey with you. I’ve decided to feature the image below as a symbol of my counseling practice, and hope that we can join forces to cross life’s bridges together.

For more information, please contact me at rychel.johnson@gmail.com or 785-979-7644.



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