Exciting news! I am working on adding some credentials in the field of nutrition, and expect to have a Nutrition Psychology certificate by the end of 2017 (big goal, here!). I felt that if I’m going to talk about nutrition I need to educate myself, you know? 🙂

Since I started private practice I’ve had a growing interest in the field of nutrient therapy, or the use of specific & intentional structured tweaks in food intake to support improved mood & stress tolerance. I’m stoked to learn through online education how to apply the use of nutrients for treatment of anxiety, depression, & emotional flexibility. Knowledge is power, & arming myself with resources to help my clients seek treatment alternatives is exciting! Hooray for continuing education!

I’m enrolled in the Nutritional Psych CE certificate program through JFK University, an online program that provides 32 hours of training in application of food as medicine. I’m already gaining a wealth of knowledge about treatment protocols involving intentional shifts in food intake, the role of excessive simple carbs in our moods, & how to supplement amino acids correctly. While I will not be able to prescribe a supplement protocol (much like my license limits me from prescribing psychotropic medications), I WILL be able to “prescribe” meal plans and eating approaches to therapy clients interested in an even more holistic approach to mental health treatment. I believe that we cannot truly evaluate a person’s ability to function optimally until we’ve addressed issues with diet and movement. This subject is seriously my heart!

Please message me with questions about my current education adventure, I love “nerding out” about the hybrid of traditional mental health therapy & nutritional psychology. I can’t wait to officially incorporate my training into my practice to help people!

rychel.johnson@gmail.com or Contact

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