Love Languages

Good morning.

In my work as an in-home therapist, it isn’t often that I get to administer tests, personality inventories and the like.  I frequently encounter “therapeutic fires” when I arrive at a home, i.e. a parent expresses frustration for a current family issue that we must address in the moment. No time for tests, Rychel! Graduate school provided a plethora of these measures–I miss utilizing them to serve others.

Fortunately, over the years in therapy practice I’ve continued to employ inventories to learn more about myself and others in relationships. I suppose it’s a form of self-care, to understand ourselves as helpers in order to better serve others. We’ve all encountered (or have been bombarded by) personality quizzes through social media, which I tend to take with a grain of salt (unless I’m having a particularly challenging day, then I use these as an escape, let’s be honest!).

My personal favorite, and particularly non-daunting, inventory for personal evaluation is the Love Language Profile, which can be found here. The linked website provides information on the five love languages (words of affirmation, acts of service, giving gifts, quality time and physical touch).

Personally, I’ve been able to apply my understanding of my Love Language profile to romantic relationships and friendships alike–any relationship that is intended to be dynamic and long-term. I find that not only does this inventory educate an individual on how to express love for others emotionally; understanding one’s primary love language(s) can provide dialogue within the context of a relationship to express one’s needs for receiving love.

If you haven’t used this tool for yourself, loved ones, clients, etc…I encourage you to do so!

Time for clients and paperwork. Happy Monday!


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